Minutes of 1/11/08 Fundraising Committee Meeting
Attending: Liz Golden, Jay Cohen, Diana Chity, Tom Morris, Katharine Avarese.
Discussions were held regarding the remaining fundraisers for the school year.
February – the Valentine Bake Sale and Sweetheart dance will both be held on 2/14. Normal bake sale conditions apply. The dance will be for the 6th, 7th & 8th graders only, held in the cafeteria during their lunch period. Each student will pay $5 to attend. The profit will be handed directly to Ms. Middleton to help offset the costs of 8th grade graduation.
The 8th grade will also hold a fundraiser of their own. Details TBD.
6 8th graders worked the pretzel sale (all 3 lunches) on 1/15. The day’s sale will also go to the 8th grade.
The limo ride for those selling enough through Cherrydale will be scheduled for April. The ice cream party will be scheduled for ASAP.
March – PLEASE NOTE CHANGE: We will be doing a pizza fundraiser using Joe Corbi’s pizza kits. It will begin in late January & be delivered before lent. Corbi’s gives us $5.75 per order, and students ordering more than 11 pizza’s get a tub of cookie dough free. That’s pretty hard to beat & seems more profitable than a pizza night.
The book fair will also be held during report card week. (March12th, 13th & 14th)
April – Teacher appreciation breakfast. A man from the Pilgrim Church offered to take care of the gifts. The Home & School will provide breakfast. (This is also a change from what was discussed at the meeting as Liz met with the man after our meeting)
May – The fun fair will be returned to a carnival day. A deposit of no more than $500 will be placed on renting games for the day. Items discussed were 2 moon bounces, 2 Balloon Blasts, dunk tank (which no students will be allowed to use), a "strong man" challenge, and volleyball net. We also have leftover games & prizes for all grades to enjoy. The focus will be more of a BBQ/activity day with some games. USA toys on Route 309 will be visited for more prizes. All final expenses regarding equipment rental will be approved at the proper monthly meeting.
With respect to any money left over at the end of the year, 2 options were considered. First, the school bathrooms. Liz spoke to Woody & discovered that new locks for all stall doors are already on work order. We could purchase larger toilet paper and paper towel holders and soap dispensers. Woody & staff would have to install them, and he is ok with that. Supplies could be purchased as there never seems to be enough paper towels. Perhaps air hand dryers could be researched, at least for the high traffic rooms. (Although Woody suggested this is most likely a no, as they require wiring) Second, new basketball nets for the schoolyard, one that would be adjustable for all grades to enjoy. Woody informed Liz that it would have to be the backboard and net only, otherwise the district would have to come out to install them.
Also, Liz will continue to work with Ms. Dondero for a grant to get a sign out front. Liz stated that everyone she spoke with told her this will not happen quickly. It may take several years.
Respectfully submitted,
Katharine Avarese

September 17, 2007
Update to the 8/10/07 Fundraising Committee Meeting

1. Cherrydale: we will finish this year with them. Nancy & I will try to set up the ice cream party & limo ride as soon as possible after the end of the fundraiser.

2. I am still trying to get a hold of Mike at Mike’s pizza. Will keep everyone posted.

3. As of 10/2, Jim’s Pretzels will be the new pretzel supplier. We will gauge reaction & opinion.

4. Bake sale items will be 50 cents each, with a reasonable limit, based on the student. (EX: if a parent asks the child to bring home more for younger siblings, etc.)

5. Having the Mennonite people do a farmer’s market out front looks doubtful. They need to make at least $500 per day, and we can’t guarantee that. However, it was suggested to me that we wait until spring, when the new produce is starting, take money to the Thursday farm market & buy things there to sell ourselves on Friday. It will help us see the interest level. Will revisit this in the spring. Nancy mentioned that we must also look into health regulations regarding handling & selling food items.

6. We do get money from picture day. It is a percent of total orders. Since this is a new photographer this year, the percent was not immediately known, but it will be at least $200. Will update exact amount when known.

7. Secret Santa Shop: We will be doing the $2 shop. Eric, who handles the Cherrydale fundraiser, has supplied the shop in the past. If we are under contract with him, we will sell only the best of his best. If we don’t have to sell his items, we won’t.

8. The scripts.com idea is on hold. They won’t answer basic questions unless you provide what I consider to be an unreasonable amount of information. (Tax exempt number)

9. The E-bay store on Green Lane has had a “closed until further notice” sign on the door for at least a month now.

10. Due to the confusion with last years 8th grade fundraising, from now on, any money raised will be managed by the 8th grade teacher. We will offer any other support we can.

11. Other fund raisers that could be considered that were not mentioned earlier:
a. A Cook-Wiss cookbook, with recipes supplied by staff & local restaurants
b. Fun fair idea: sell lengths of duct tape for $1 to tape Ms. Jenkins to a wall
c. A penny war: each class is given a jar to fill with pennies. The class that fills the jar first gets a pizza party for lunch.
d. Family Fun Magazine subscriptions: $10 for 1 year, we get $5 for each subscription.

Submitted by Katharine Avarese 9/17/07.

11/13/07 info
There is a canned food drive going on during November to benefit FISH, a non-denominational group from the North Light Center.

Operation Bedding NUT Day Raised $246 to send holiday gifts to our troops!! Halloween Bake Sale raised $378 for the school!!

Cherrydale orders will be in Tuesday, 11/27.

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